The Creative Curriculum

Do You Want Your Child to …

Get along with others?
Do well in school?
Become a good reader?
Solve math problems?
Speak and write well?
Be Creative?
Make decisions?
Develop physical skills?
Have good study habits?
Be self-confident and respectful?
Enjoy learning?


Our preschool program can help prepare you child for success in school – and in life. New research on the brain and learning shows how important the early years are in a child’s learning and development. What happens in preschool matters a lot. What you do at home is even more important.

At Gentle Shepherd we use a Curriculum researched and developed by many of the best educators known. It is called The Creative Curriculum. Please come and find out more about how our staff, through learning, teaching, and assessing your child with the use of the Creative Curriculum, help your child learn with the best techniques and resources out there as well as meet the challenging but great NJ Preschool Standards.