GENTLE SHEPHERD offers a variety of enrichment classes. These classes are offered by outside vendors as an “enrichment” or “add-on” at the end of a child’s school day. Enrichment is designed to add to your child’s day . Classes are to encourage creativity, strength building and knowledge of many new things. They are also offered to add some FUN to their days at Gentle Shepherd! The vendors who teach these classes are insured and go through the same careful screening and fingerprinting as Gentle Shepherd’s staff. They also have been with the school for many years. Enrichments are offered in 15 week sessions and run back to back throughout the school year! There is always something great to do at Gentle Shepherd.

Lego Club is offered on Mondays
Staffed by: Teacher Amy Fernicola
Cost: $200 for 15 sessions
Checks Payable to: Amy Fernicola

  • Do you like to build? Love legos? And building with your friends? This Club is designed to let you build you own individual projects as well as work as a group on theme based creations during different weeks. Come join the fun with one of the most popular “building” blocks around ( snack provided)
  • Minimum: 6 children participating


Wee Little Arts is offered on Monday and Wednesdays
Staffed by: Marie Johnson and her Art teachers
Cost: $230 for 15 sessions
Checks Payable to:   Wee Little Arts

  • During the session , the students are exposed to the basics of art education. Art history and children’s literature will play a major role in introducing the simple, yet necessary , elements of line, shape, color and texture. In Wee Little Arts, students are exposed to a variety of safe, high quality materials, which foster their imaginations to think “outside the box”
  • Minimum: 4 children participating


Amazing Athletes is offered on Tuesdays and Fridays
Cost: $330 for 15 sessions and $15 annual registration fee
Staffed by: Coaches from Amazing Athletes
Checks Payable to:  Amazing Athletes

  • Amazing Athletes is the premier educational sports & fitness program for children ages 2.5-6. At Amazing Athletes your child will learn the basic fundamentals and mechanics of 9 different sports while also building self-confidence, practicing teamwork, and improving 7 key areas of motor development. Each class focuses on 2 different sports and incorporates mini lessons on muscles, nutrition and motor development along with activities designed to develop hand-eye coordination, muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness and more!
  • Minimum for Amazing Athletes: 6 children participating


Ms. Gails kids Cooking is offered on Tuesdays
Cost: $262 for 15 sessions
Staffed by: Ms. Gail and Her Cooking Staff
Checks payable to: Gail Paul

  • Every healthy snack can be turned into an edible craft project ! Little Chef’s learn to prepare their own food and begin to develop their sense of self – esteem. A big part of the program is to enforce kitchen safety and ensure the children understand the importance of cleanliness while cooking! They will learn proper nutrition, the food pyramid and fruit and vegetable sorting. It’s a program designed to encourage children to try new foods.
  • Minimum: 8 children participating


Maximum Performance Dance Class is offered on Wednesdays
Cost: $ 225 for 15 sessions
Staffed by: Marla, Owner of Maximum Performance Dance
Checks Payable to: Maximum Performance Dance

  • Dance like your favorite pop stars! In this high-energy, age-appropriate class, boys & girls will learn fun filled hip-hop techniques and combinations, danced to their favorite music. Maximum Performance Dance is so excited to share their love of dance with the children at Gentle Shepherd.
  • Minimum: 6 children participating


Stretch-N- Grow is offered on Thursdays
Cost: $225 for 15 sessions
Staffed by: Coaches Linda and Diane Circelli
Checks payable to: Stretch-n-Grow Youth Fitness, LLC

  • A fabulously fun fitness program ! This is an educational fitness program for young children. Our program is non-competitive and is aimed at teaching children how to exercise and to love it! Wellness issues such as safety, nutrition, health, self esteem, and hygiene are emphasized. Academic skills (counting #’s, knowing primary colors, and the alphabet) are reinforced through age appropriate games and activities. Our goal is to lay a foundation for a lifetime of exercise and fitness habits which result in good health, strength, and positive attitudes!
  • Minimum: 6 children participating